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In this blog I will tell you about the best app, to be used if you have lost your phone ,recently I have also lost my phone and was ready do whatever it takes to track it then I come across android device manager which i found very usefull because to use this app it is not necessary to already have it installed in your phone .


android device manager

it is one of the best app i have found on app store to locate your lost device and the best part about it is that you can use this app to locate your phone, and the best part about it is that you can use it even if you have not installed it in your phone.


You can use android device manager only if you have

  • linked your gmail in your phone
  •  your data connection is on
  • the phone is not switched off, if it has been switched off then you can discover the place when it was last use which can help you out to find it

here are the steps to use android device manager

  • Type android device manager in the google

android device manager

  • click on the first link showing google/android device manager

android device manager

  • login to your gmail account

android device manager

after login in it will come up with a map showing the current location of your phone from where you can figure outhe location and track your phone .

If you are not ble to locate it, the android device manager will give you a option i.e you can ring up your phone on full volume for approx five minutes even if it is on the silent mode.

If someone has found your lost phone and is in no mood to return it to you…???

even if someone has found youe lost phone, then all your information weather your pics , mails or your credit/debit card details are in a great danger to be missused, then also ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER can help you out.

android device manager show you a option by which you can delete all the informaton on your phone  and prevent the missuse of any of your information.

One more best feature present in the google device manager is that you can lock your phone with a new password .

It also give a option to display a note on your device.On that note you can write whatever you want .

You can also provide an alternate number which will display on your phone which will help you out if someone tries to return you the phone

so readers always remember to  link your gmail with your phone and always put your location button on , you never know when you will encounter a situation like this

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