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this post is up to tell you about some best offline apps android users must explore. Now we don’t have to depend on our internet connection to use our time wisely, to know how to check out the list here

Here is the list of best offline apps Android user must have


best offline apps android

It is one of the best offline apps for the android users as it is te easiest and one of the best offline RSS readers for Feedly, InoReader, The Older Reader and Feedbin for providing the best users experience


  • No ads
  • Offers offline full text and pictures
  • One click to save Instapaper and readability


  • Support star and tags
  • built in browser
  • accent colors
  • Themes – light, paper, dark, night and e-ink
  • Volume button navigation
  • Unread count widget
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • Auto mark and read while scrolling

It can be downloaded from the app store or you can download this app from LIKELYLIVE by clicking here


It has been awarded by Google Play as a top developer with over 2 millions of downloads. It is a free android podcast app  that has over 3 lakhs shows that on a finger click


  • It show no ads
  • It can be used without any internet connection
  • New shows CPM up every day
  • Best user experience


  • It allow you to download episodes and listen when you have no connection
  • Even if you don’t have storage space on your phone you can store the data in your SD card
  • You can create your own categories to organise shows
  • It is designed with speed control, intelligent silent skip and volume boost
  • You can us the sleep timer which will automatically close the app after the time
  • You can play your local files and audio
  • It also support Android auto

You can download the app from any store and, to download it from likelylive click here


It is one of the best android apps which allow you to read Wikipedia and other sources without an internet connection.


  • Once ou have downloaded the content ou don’t need any internet connection
  • Can be used on old computers as well, as it don’t use more power
  • it work on wide range of operating system whether Android, IOS or Windows
  •  Much faster speed in offline Wikipedia


  • It is available in many different languages
  • A must app for students
  • Night mode for pictures
  • Pure ZIM reader
  • Bookmarks ad notes

you can download the app from LIKELYLIVE by clicking here


best offline apps android

Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Over 125 supported cities. It is one of the most recommended apps because only knowing the direction with the help of google map is not sufficient, if we are in a new city we don’t know any schedule of the buses or any other transport facilities but TRANSIT APP can help us out as you login in the app the app will show you all the buses and cars timing information


  • Navigate your city with accurate real-time prediction
  • simple trip planning
  • step by step navigation
  • departure and stop reminder


  • Subway or bus arriving with real-time you can view  prediction
  • View schedule even offline h
  • find nearby cars vehicle and sun
  • support  all transport facility
  • locate bike share station, check the bike availability and  also pay for passes and unlock the bike

you can download the transit app from LIKELYLIVE by clicking here


best offline apps android

Imagine life without the internet, how difficult it would be for the people to travel without the help of google maps but mow it is not whether you have the internet or not you can navigate your way to your destination with the help of offline maps and navigation


  •  GPS offline navigation
  • offline maps
  • multi-language voice navigation
  • offline maps update


  • Speed limit warning
  • 3-D building
  • Lane guiding
  • Large poi database
  • Night mode based on local sunset time

It is one of the best app in our list of best offline apps android users must explore

you can download the app from LIKELYLIVE by clicking here


so we are done with best offline apps android users must explore if you like our post

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