Clash Royale Best Deck and Tips and Tricks for Arena 9

Heya guys , firstly thank you all for the great response on our earlier Supercell post. In that post we had discussed about the top Supercell games and how Supercell is developing it’s market with it’s top 2 games namely Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Both the games are very popular among the youth and many people have asked me to write about the tips and tricks of Clash Royale , what is the best deck for Arena 9 , how the cards to be placed and many more .

So in this post , we are going to discuss about the best decks for Arena 9 in Clash Royale which will surely help you to reach Hog Mountain.

Clash Royale Best Deck for Arena 9

Here i’m going to list the top 3 decks for Arena 9 which I personally use and if you too use them according to this post then I can assure you that you won’t be having any difficulty in passing the arena 9.

So if you are in Arena 9 , these decks will surely help you

Battle Deck 1

CardsValkyrie , Minions , Giant , Elite Barbarians , Ice Wizard , Fireball , Zap , Wizard 

Average Elixir cost : 4.0

Clash Royale tips

Advantages –  This deck can be perfectly used against any aerial as well as ground attack . Valkyrie and the two Barbarians acts as a perfect defence against Giant , Mega Pekka and Golem. With cards like Ice Wizard , Wizard Giant and Elite Barbarians there’s nothing which can stop you from taking down the enemy’s tower.

Clash Royale tips

Tip : Use Elite Barbarians after Valkyrie . Elite Barbarians are fast and they will drag Valkyrie to the tower and in between if the opponent uses skeleton army then it will be worthless because of Valkyrie.

Battle Deck 2

CardsZap , Giant , Witch , Miner , Musketeer , Valkyrie , Fireball , Graveyard

Average Elixir cost : 4.0

Clash Royale tips

Advantages – Valkyrie along with Musketeer and Witch is a perfect defence against any kind of aerial and ground units and if we add Giant to this formation then it becomes a great attacking power.

Clash Royale tips

Tip : Use Miner and then immediately use the Graveyard to the opponent’s tower giving him no choice . The tower will attack the Miner and in the mean time skeletons will destroy the tower.

Battle Deck 3

CardsFire Spirits , Mega Minion , Hog Rider , Fireball , Zap , Elite Barbarians , Bowler , Baby Dragon

Average Elixir cost : 3.8

Clash Royale tips

Advantages – You can use Elite Barbarians with Baby Dragon . Baby Dragon can kill the skeleton army as well as minion horde which leaves nothing that can stop the Elite Barbarians to reach the tower and if Elite Barbarians reaches the opponent’s tower then it’s all over .

Fire Spirits can also be used Elite Barbarians and Hog Rider for a perfect attack

Some Clash Royale Tips to remember

  • Always try to use Valkyrie in your deck because it acts as a perfect ground defence.
  • Make sure you have enough of air attacking units (eg. Witch , Wizard , minions ) to defend opponent’s aerial attack.
  • It’s better to let the opponent start first . This will help you to know his attack better and then you can setup your defence according to that.
  • Shield your ranged troops with strong combat units ( for example, Wizard behind Giant ).
  • Have atleast 2 instant aerial attacks . I prefer zap and fireball.
  • Hog rider with Graveyad and Zap is a great attack. Always try to make attack and defence combinations from your deck.
  • Use your elixir efficiently.


So guys , this was all about the best decks and tips of Clash Royale for Arena 9 players . What do you guys think about these decks ?? Do you know some better decks or tips ?? Do tell us in the comments section below …

Video tutorials on Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are coming soon …

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