Google Maps for iOS introduced ” Popular Times ” real-time in the latest update

So, nearly everything we want to know is available in google and google maps are famous for providing information nearly about every single place such as coffee shop , restaurants since 2015.  The only drawback was that it did’nt account for special events.

Last November , Google fixed that problem for the web version of their software which added some cool features like the real time data for a greater accuracy of an event . For example , it likely to tell you that if you will get a seat or you have to stand in a line while you are checking inn a place .

There is a good news for the apple users that this update rolled out for the iOS app this week. This feature is known as the ” Popular Times “.  It is not a new feature , but for the iOS users it was the feature that was missing. The good news is that if you are an Apple user who uses Google Maps quite a bit , then you’ll be pleased about the new update which introduced the ” Popular Times ” feature to it .

Graph of “Popular Times” – Google Maps

Popular Times - Google Maps

Note : This feature is not different from the one in the web , it’s just that finally this feature is brought to the Google Maps app for iOS in the – latest Google Maps update – version 4.27.

How does this feature works ?

  • Google uses mobile phone’s GPS location and WiFi signals to determine where its users are. It can then determine if someone has visited a store, and even which part of the store they headed to.
  • On Google Maps on mobile, if a user has enabled location history then it tracks users visiting a location, based on couple of weeks data and the graph shows up.
  • This isn’t accurate as there are many visitors visiting a store who do not have Google Maps or Location history enabled.

You can grab the update simply by clicking in this link .

So, this was all about the new Google Maps update on the iOS platform .

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