layout from instagram is soon coming with the most awaited update


layout from istagram

Layout from INSTAGRAM  , the best selfie app which is followed by millions of users is going is ready with a new update soon. It is the most awaited update for the millions of users .

It wont be wrong saying the trend setter is up again to put the social media on fire with the very much awaited feature to be launched soon which will allow the users to upload more than one pic at a single click.

the new layout from Instagram will allow you to upload multiple picture at the same time .

the new layout from Instagram will appear same as that of Facebook and will show as a big single pic and the rest pics will appear as a thumbnail aside of the big click.



At one click users are allowed to upload up to 10 pics.  Now you can share at least 10 pics of the same event and may end up creating something creative


the feature will be soon launched to both the android and i phone users

it might take time between 1 week to 1 month so be ready anytime the update will knock your phone.

so get ready with your clicks to share it with your loved ones and your admirers.

!!please share your opinion about the latest update from Instagram !!


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