People are day by day diverting there looks and luxuries than necessities. They are more possessive with there handset and other accessories to there body. Guys and Girls here is the bestest handset that  oneplus  had newly designed just for you is now to get launch this week. This month it got for sure that oneplus 5 is Launching its newly specified mobile in India and other International Countries. Let us see some of the marvellous specifications and superb feature in Oneplus 5, which will totally satisfy a user to opt for none other than any other.


  • Glamorous Designed Body.

The OnePlus 5 is the best-looking device the company has made to date. When you pick this phone up you can feel the real pleasure of premium-grade materials.

The new handset has a more rounded corners than previous handset, which make it sits comfortably in your palm and improve holding resist-ency. It’s one of the most thinnest phone yet from OnePlus at 7.25mm – almost as thin as the iPhone 7, which is 7.1mm

It is easy to carry  it weighs 153g to be precise by the brand.

On the right-hand edge of the handset there is the power button. The left edge features the toggle for silent mode(such Iphone Family), as well as the volume rocker.

oneplus 5
Source: The Verge

The inclusion of the silent switch is a fascinating feature that OnePlus has included on every phone since the OnePlus 2, and it’s the only major Android phone supllier to do so. It make a user easy to the handset cinema, meeting and bedtime ready, and well any other type.



  • 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED view, looks great
  • Makes with 401 pixels-per-inch display
 OnePlus did put in some efforts to improve the quality of the panel on the OnePlus 5. 1+ had added support for DCI-3 gamut which have more abstract range of colors than the regular sRGB setup. It is also to be mention that the 1+5 includes a Reading Mode that turns the display monochrome for a strain-free reading on the 5.5-inch display. There is also a Night Mode for a comfortable viewing experience which can also be counted as an improvement in terms of display quality even as the panel stays the same


  • Quality Speaker

The single down-firing speaker on the phone is super strong, and hits an acceptable volume for anything, things get a bit distorted at those high levels considering it’s a single speaker, but as far as a single driver goes it passes the test of being more than competent. But don’t go using the speaker all that often, okay! There’s a headphone jack, too.

Adorable features of 1+5, that every one should note it


  1. Gaming Do Not Disturb Mode: Block notifications and lock the navigation buttons while playing certain games (or any other app) to keep you in the zone.
  2. Customizable screen-off gestures: The typical OxygenOS gestures you can perform on your phone before the screen turns on — drawing an O, V, S, M or W — can now be customized to perform various actions or just open an app.
  3. Reading Mode: Automatically changes the screen temperature and calibration for reading, adjusted to the current environment. Can be toggled on and off, or on a per-app basis automatically.
  4. Auto Night Mode: The same Night Mode you know that reduces the blue light you see on the screen, now automatically toggled from sunset to sunrise based on your current location.
  5. Customizable vibration feedback: Choose your vibration pattern and intensity for calls, notifications and interface interaction.

OnePlus 5 Performance.


















Performance on the 1+5 is fantastic. Leading up to the phone’s launch OnePlus talked a lot about speed, fluidity and consistency but we the user never had any issue on these points with the OnePlus 3T to begin with. The one place where there’s a truly noticeable improvement is in touch response, everything happen very quickly which was a point of emphasis. However it ended up being accomplished, “feel” of high-quality touch response is definitely here. It’s noticeable in scrolling and typing in particular, and I’m glad OnePlus stepped up its game here.

Of course, the model with 8GB of RAM (result in fastest app installation), but this really doesn’t factor into the performance at this point. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC used on the OnePlus 5, the company reveals the octa-core processor has a maximum clock speed of 2.45GHz, and claims that the coupled Adreno 540 GPU offers up to 25 percent more graphical performance.The highest average memory usage we willever experience, according to the handset settings, is 4.7GB — comfortably down the 5.5GB ceiling (500MB is reserved for the system) of even the standard 6GB RAM model. “Need” of 8GB of RAM model to future proof your phone purchase, or you may just get it for free because you need 128GB of storage, but I have to say 8GB of RAM really feels unnecessary on a phone today.


Battery Life ( with Dash Charger)

  • 3,300mAh battery plus greater optimization gives solid battery life
  • Can last around a day with auto brightness on
 The processing tech used inside this phone is newer

absolutely, and much more efficient in terms of power consumption, and I am sure you’ll notice that in day to day battery life.

For one day we used the phone with the brightness cranked up to full and it died around 8:30pm, which wasn’t good enough. We then tried auto brightness, which was a lot better – if you stick to auto brightness you’re a lot more likely to make it to the end of the day with some charge left in the tank.

During our battery test, where we turn the screen up to full brightness and play a 90-minute Full HD video clip, the OnePlus 5 only lost 12% of charge. That’s slightly better than the OnePlus 3T, which lost 13%, and noticeably better than the Samsung Galaxy S8, which lost 19%.

OnePlus’s version comes with Dash Charge, which means you’ll be able to pump some juice into your phone very quickly if you need to. OnePlus continues to claim that it’s fast enough to get you a full charge in the time it takes you to get a shower of ur body, but that’s not strictly true.

Unless you’re taking a long and relaxing bubble bath, you’ll likely only get enough charge for a few hours (which is enough) – but it’s certainly better than your phone dying on you when you need it.

For those times when you really are gasping for battery life the OnePlus 5 also comes with a battery-saving mode; it improves the efficiency of the phone in a better way, but it will prolong battery life on the phone and that’s all you need when you’re clinging onto the last degree of power.


 Dual Camera – Pro Mode

oneplus 5

Let’s now start with the dual rear camera setup. The OnePlus 5 is claimed to sport what 1+ calls the “highest resolution dual-camera system on a smartphone to. This is made up of a 16-megapixel main camera (Sony IMX398 sensor, 1.12-micron pixels) with an f/1.7 aperture, 34% f more light capturing  lenses than One+3t, coupled with a 20-megapixel telephoto camera (Sony IMX350 sensor, 1-micron pixels) with an f/2.6 aperture.

The company is also boasting of Fast AF, which gives the OnePlus 5 faster auto focus. It is said to be 40 percent speedier than the One+3T. The rear camera setup features a dual-LED flash module and boasts of 4K video recording with EIS. The dual camera setup, apart from that lens renders out-of-focus points of light(i.e. Blurr efficient). It also delivers optical zoom up to 1.6x, and lossless zoom up to 2x (1.6x optical + 0.4x Smart Capture multi-frame tech). Magnification goes up to 8x with Smart Capture tech. The rear camera setup also supports the new Pro Mode with options like ISO, white balance, a histogram, gyroscope-based reference line, and RAW image editing. OnePlus also announced an improved HDR algorithm, and brought forward its Smart Capture feature for auto adjustments.


As for the front camera, the OnePlus 5 sports a 16-megapixel front camera with a 1-micron pixel Sony IMX371 sensor, an f/2.0 aperture, and EIS. It can shoot full-HD (1080p) video. The front camera can also activate screen flash, with three modes to choose from – On, Off, and Auto. There’s also an Auto HDR mode.



Now should i buy OnePlus 5? (Very Important).

It’s an excellent premium smartphone, and it’s cheaper than other premium smartphones from big companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG.

The OnePlus 5 starts at $479(Approx 32999) for the base model. It is $165 less than the base iPhone 7, and $240 less than the base Galaxy S8.

With the OnePlus 5’s cheaper price tag comes fewer features than the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8. This OnePlus 5 helped me realize that most of those extra features are superfluous and don’t necessarily contribute to a phone’s appeal.

The OnePlus 5 is available to pre-order on Tuesday, and will be available to buy on June 27.

My Review.

Once again, OnePlus has delivered a phone that manages to offer a high-end experience. While also feeling like a great value for the money. The OnePlus 5 may have only brought predictable upgrades from its predecessor. This  more than enough to make this a great phone and a great buy for all. 


So this is all about OnlePlus 5, a genuine Android device to purchase. If anyone had some issues or suggestions can contact us. Readers can also read about




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