Have Playful Selfies With These 6 Camera Apps !!

Hello, everyone !!  As you all know that nowadays everyone is suffering from a fever, called “Selfie Fever“. In today’s blog, I’m gonna share those top Camera apps, that everyone must use to take selfies, groupfies etc. Camera apps not only enhances the beauty of picture clicked, but also you can fix blemishes on your face, it provides you different filters and stickers through which you can perfectly edit your “Not so good” or “Okayish” photos.

So, Let’s talk about those flawless camera apps.

1.) B612 

This camera app has a growing list of over 100 beauty filters and 200 stickers. Just like Snapchat, you can share your daily life through selfies exchange, video clips, you can chat also and it disappears after 24 hours. It is available on Android 4.3 and above.

What’s New!!

– Live Beautifying features.
– New background effects.
– Miracle filter to prettify your scenery.
– Augmented Reality (AR) background effects.

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This camera app helps you to take selfies with beautifying filters and silent mode.
A diverse range of filters, designed specifically for selfies. Every filter will make your skin look amazing. Swipe Left and Right to change between filters.
You can perfectly use editing tools like selfie-slimming, whitening, concealing, lipstick, blush etc.
Choose multiple photos and different grid styles to make a photo collage.

What’s New !!

– Unlimited filters for videos.
– Expanded beauty functions.
– Stickers, Frames and Light effects.
– Added a skin-correcting filter on the top of any filter you want.
– Photo guides for profile photos on social media.

Camera apps

3.) CAMERA 360 

Through this Camera app, you can make your selfies even better.
It makes your photos alive and makes it dynamic. It has customizable filters and cartoon effects, Motion stickers, Funny stickers, Photo collage and Pho grid.

What’s New !!

– Show time with a dynamic photo.
– Export pics to videos.
– Choose the location on publishing content.

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This Camera app allows you to take photos and videos with 120 awesome filters and make your own album with your own album with your friends.

You can capture what you see on the screen with real-time filters. Make your own private album with your friends to share your photos and videos.You can create a GIF, turn your collage shots or videos in GIF. Tap the shuffle button when you are confused to choose filters, it will automatically suggest you filters.Decorate your photos and videos with Retrica’s original stamp.



This Camera app has many features to enhance the beauty of your selfies.It is available on Android 4.3 and above.

Real-time filters that make your photos and videos look alive. It is the better app for making Vines. Multi-face detection. Skin smoother makes your skin look acne, pimples and scars free. Add blush, lipsticks shades, eyelashes, change hair colours, mascara, even without doing makeup in real. Perfect your full body photos with a slimmer waist and longer legs effect. Erase unwanted Background.

What’s New !!

– Food filters update.
– New stickers.

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6.) BEAUTY PLUS – Camera app

This Camera app creates your natural looking photos, selfies, groupfies or videos looks beautiful. It adds a radiant complexion for perfect face and selfie pics.
Retouch skin tone. Blemish remover. Edit eye-color. Edit hair colour. Whitens teeth. Smooth skin. Magic brush gives you unique effects. Allows you professional photo editing. Crop. Blur. Amazing filters. Stretch. Slim. Rotate. Enlarge.

What’s New !!

– Multi-face recognition capabilities.
– Makeup removal tool available.

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