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Soundbible is one of the coolest website to find free sound clips. It is a website which hosts collection of free to download WAV and MP3 sound clips.  It offers thousands of free sound clips , sound effects and straight up sounds. These sounds can be widely used in a variety of sound projects including Video Sound Scores, Movie Scoring, Prank calls, Game Design, Powerpoint Presentations, Sound Boards, and more.

One of the best thing about Soundbible is that it offers you copyright free sound clips….. Isn’t it amazing ?

If you want to use a sound effect for commercial purpose then you can click on Royalty Free Sounds.

Also, downloading steps from this site are quite easy.

Steps to Download a sound from Soundbible

Downloading a sound effect from Soundbible is quite easy.

  1. Just click on any sound effect

  2. Then just click on the mp3 or WAV ( in whatever form you want to download )

  3. That’s it ….. it starts downloading

Let us take an example by downloading a sound effect – Ocean Sounds

  • Just click on the sound effect – Ocean Sounds



  • Then it will take you to a different page which will contain all the possible types of ocean sounds available. From there select the sound you want to download. In this case i have selected Ocean Waves.



  • The just after selecting Ocean Waves or any other option , it will take you to a different page where you will find different downloading options such as MP3 or WAV.



Now,  just select any of the forms and it will start downloading. Here, i selected the MP3 form of the effect.

So , this was all about how to download a sound effect from Soundbible. But , you must be thinking that why this site is offering thousands of sounds for free ? 


Why Soundbible is offering these sounds for free ?

According to Soundbible 


  • Their project is to benefits teachers, students, faculty, and starving artist who cannot afford to buy them so they are forced to give them away for free. 🙂
  • The Royalty Free Sounds section consist of Creative Commons and Public Domain works.
  • The owners of were taught to share by their parents which is a very good thing ,  Isn’t that what our parents taught us.
  • Because Free is way cooler than Fee. That one letter “r” makes a world of difference.

What’s more ? ….Some cool features of Soundbible :

  • Royalty-free WAV sound clips.
  • Download sounds effects for free.
  • Search and check new as well as popular sounds.
  • No sign up needed.



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